TCT Rail Port of Tauranga Update


Dear Valued Client,

Please see below notice received from TCT Rail Port of Tauranga



Thank you for your patience.

We are still doing our best with all available resource to manage an unprecedented number of containers waiting to rail to Metroport.

We are currently working on maximising our train loads with old and prioritised cargo, with a strong focus on maintaining yard integrity, at both TCT & Metroport.

Metroport is open 24/7 and we ask that you continue to uplift your units ASAP, to ensure we can continue to keep cargo moving.

NB: With such demand for Metroport rail, currently containers can only be prioritised before they discharge the vessel.

Once they have landed in the yard as general cargo, we cannot control their position or other containers landing around them that may make them inaccessible.

Most asked Questions


The Rail desk is maned 24/7, by a single operator.

POTL to not employ a booking system to facilitate unit movement.  Rather we operate a 3 tier category system; Priority, General cargo and MPI rows.  These tiers/Rows are organised prior vessel discharge and allow TCT to manage its yard capacity more effectively.

We rely on you and the status of your container to help us determine rail load.  For each train we consider in order, Priority rows, General cargo rows (oldest to newest) and MPI row (our lowest priority row).


To be effective, priority request need to be made prior vessel arrival, via ShuttleSelect.  So it can land in a priority row, upon vessel discharge. 

If you choose to have your cargo delivered in a priority window, it is deemed to be urgent and will attract a reduced free time of 36 hours after arrival at MetroPort.

Alerts in ShuttleSelect will warn users they are selecting a priority window and also send a reminder when the container arrives at MetroPort.

Request, for manual prioritisation.  Please email


The ShuttleSelect platform is web-based so can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Remember we are a 24/7 industry.

The management window, opens when the vessel is 72 hours out of Tauranga and closes when it is six hours out.  Said window will open regardless of whether your nominated shipping line has supplied us with your container details.  “Has the line supplied TctAdmin your unit details?” check!

Shuttle select registration is free.  Registration is encouraged to facilitate your container movements.  Please fill in the User Registration Form 


Containers that discharge with an active MPI hold & or POT STOP, will null and void any priority request, as the unit will land into an MPI row.  Any container with these holds are unable to be planned nor loaded to a train for inland movement.

It is recommended that, every effort be made by the consignee and or agent to clear their unit’s prior discharge.  So we are better able to facilitate your movement requirements.

Please forward your BACC to for authentication and electronic release.


The IMDG code requires, acceptable, legible hazardous documentation, to facilitate inland movement.  Kiwirail require that certificates include a New Zealand consignee and the physical NZ address.

TctRail rely on the shipping line to provide us said paper work, 24hrs prior vessel arrival, for processing.  Any discrepancy is an automatic POT Stop. “Has the line supplied TctRail with legible hazardous certificates?” check!


Refrigerated units that need to travel on power are moved subject to the availability of trains containing generators, which are in limited supply.

If this container was able to be railed “off power”, that would also increase the chances of placement on an earlier train. “Please advice if this is an option.”


Please initiate a conversation with your respective shipping line.  On your behalf, they will talk to TctAdmin to quote the job.  “Have you talked to the line?”


Time shown are indicative only and subject to change without notice.  Please contact 09 583 9695 for actual arrival times.

Please ensure that all containers are MPI cleared prior to discharge to avoid unnecessary delays. Remember for any cargo that is required to be railed urgently you use a ShuttleSelect account to prioritise PRIOR to discharge.

for additional assistance please phone +64 7 572 8731 or email

Wanting to know where your unit is? Track and Trace it at the following link.

Keeping You Informed!

BRi Customer Solutions Team

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