BRi December Update


Dear Valued Client,

December continues to see the demand for space and equipment far exceed the availability to the market, and this is across all mode of transport Air, and Sea into New Zealand.


All origins into New Zealand are continuing to experience severe space and equipment issues, with Liner’s indicating this is likely to continue through till at least the end of Chinese New Year in 2021.

Shipping Lines have Implemented further GRI’s for December, and are reviewing their rate levels on a fortnightly basis – The December GRI Quantum’s vary from Line to Line and various trade, but levels effective 1st of December are as follows:

  • North East Asia (China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan): Between USD 300.00 to USD 800.00 per TEU depending on the line, with varying validities through to the 15th December and the 31st of December
  • South East Asia, Rest of Asia (excluding NEA) and the Indian Subcontinent: Between USD 200.00 to USD 500.00 per TEU depending on the line, again with varying validities through to the 15th December and the 31st of December


Due to continued increases from the underlying carriers into New Zealand, we are also incurring GRI’s on LCL cargo effective the 1st of December.

  • North East Asia: GRI of USD 28.00 per w/m
  • South East Asia, Rest of Asia and the Indian Subcontinent: USD 20.00 per w/m
  • All origins via (tranship) Singapore: USD 20.00 per w/m


Capacity into New Zealand due to Covid remains limited, and a shadow of its former self pre Covid as we all know.

The increased demand of peak season is being further exaggerated as more importers seek Airfreight options to expedite shipments delayed by the ongoing seafreight space and equipment issues we’re experiencing. With little to no increase in airfreight capacity, we are seeing price increase, and delays obtaining bookings accordingly. With this in mind, please factor in additional days into your timelines to enable us to secure space for your airfreight requirements.


Recent and ongoing port strikes, port omissions, liner equipment/ space issues have created significant delays and scheduling issues in Australia in and already under resourced market.

To add to this, last month we have experienced further reductions in capacity both Sea and Air with PIL and Viginwings Airline both withdrawing services Ex Australia to New Zealand.

The initial result of this further reduction of capacity will unfortunately be increased costs and further delays securing space.

BRi NZ and BRI AU are working with our service partners to find and implement solutions to these unexpected service losses accordingly.


Port of Auckland are continuing to experience delays around vessel berthing windows, which currently see’s multiple vessels currently on anchor in the Hauraki Gulf awaiting a window – This delay is up to 12 days at the moment, but with the failure of Ports of Auckland’s new Automated facility last weekend this will potentially see this delay increase - Some liners as a result will again potentially omit Auckland as a result to avoid further schedule delays, and we will monitor and advise accordingly.

Port of Tauranga due to Liners omitting Auckland as per the above, Port of Tauranga has seen an increase in activity as a result. The increased actively on top of Peak Season has created capacity/ congestion issues both on the terminal and with capacity to clear this increased actively via the NZ Rail’s Shuttle Select Service between TRG and AKL. NZ Rail has recently increased their daily railings, which will assist to reduce the current delays.

BRi continues to proactively reduce exposure to potential port delays upon arrival here in NZ by preclearing FCL and LCL shipments prior to arrival whenever possible, which enables us to utilise the Shuttle Select option in Tauranga to mitigate potential delays and co-ordinate deliveries around cargo available on port or out of devan facilities.


A continual and ongoing theme of our recent updates is our request for increased notice from you on upcoming orders – With space at such a premium at the moment, and often sold out a month in advance, any increased notice of orders from you increases the opportunity for BRi to secure space/ options in advance to reduce your exposure to current delays. Also worthy of consideration on FCL traffic is considering the Priority Service options if available on the required trade, also looking at LCL options as an opportunity to get some freight on the water if FCL space is elusive.

With regards GRI’s, Infrastructure , Carrier and Port Surcharges it is BRi’s policy these are passed onto our clients as disbursed, and will be confirm once the quantum’s are finalised/ applied accordingly.

We truly appreciate your support, and if you require anything please contact your Account Representative at any time.

Keeping Your Informed!

BRi Customer Solutions Team                                              

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