BRi NZ Market Update


Dear Valued Client:

Please see our latest Market updates below. 


We continue to see Liner Tariffs and Spot Rates increasing on a monthly/ fortnightly basis as they fall due. An unabated global demand for ocean freight services both LCL and FCL continues to far exceed supply. Origin and destination ports remain congested, costs continue to increase along with shipping and transit delays across all trade lanes into and out of New Zealand.

We now find ourselves in the midst of traditional Peak Season, placing further demand on the market. BRi continues to request advanced shipping projections from clients to enable us to proactively manage their fourth quarter requirements with a view to reducing their supply chains exposure to the current issues dominating the current shipping environment.


The recent closure of the Australian/ New Zealand travel bubble has quickly reversed the increased airfreight capacity into/ out of NZ we briefly saw introduced prior to the bubble bursting.

Whilst Auckland/ NZ effectively has our boarders shut to passengers, we expect airfreight capacity to remain tight, and at a premium in the absence of increased capacity being reintroduced.


Liners continue to issue rate validities of 14 days, or in some rare cases monthly rates. With continued every increasing demand on the limited space available due to the current Covid and Peak Season environment. Freight rates continue to trend up as a result, either through GRI’s or PSS programs implemented by the liners

These increases to the underlying FCL rates, also see LCL rates increasing pending, indications of September/ October GRI’s range from USD 15.00 – USD 30.00 per w/m.

Due to increased costs in Auckland around congestion, demurrage, detention, transportation costs, and Liner Congestion Surcharges we are incurring increased Auckland Port Congestion Surcharges to NZD 23.00 per w/m

– It is BRi’s policy these increases are disbursed to clients at the same quantum they are incurred.


Please note China will celebrate its annual GOLDEN WEEK festival commencing Friday the 1st of October through to Thursday the 7th of October – This will affect your access to suppliers and other operators within your supply chain during this period. 


Super Typhoon Chanthu is currently impacting the Zhejiang area, affecting shipments ex Ningbo and Shanghai.

As of the 12th of September, all Ningbo warehouses, container yards and terminals have closed and will remain closed until further notice. All flight and rail services have also been cancelled. As of 13th September, Shanghai has followed suit and also closed container yards and terminals until further notice. Subsequently, Shanghai warehouse operations ceased from 6pm 13th September, although we expect operations to resume by 14th September afternoon local time.

Vessels due into Ningbo and Shanghai will be impacted, with possible delays of between 4-6 days from each port.

Along with our China team, we will continue to monitor the situation as it develops.


BRi remains fully operational in a Work From Home (WFH) environment in accordance with the directives issued by the NZ Government, retaining our ability to fully support and service customer requirements as always.

The staff at BRi are all safe and healthy in their induvial WRH bubbles and remain available to you via email and DDI’s as required - Like everyone we’re looking forward to returning to the traditional work environment as levels decrease accordingly – In the meantime, please stay safe, healthy and look after each other 


Keeping You Informed!

BRi Logistics Team

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