Dear Valued Customer,

Please see below regarding a new structure for High Density charging on LCL shipments issued by our co-loader. This structure is effective immediately.  

Singapore and via Singapore:

High Density/Weight cargo surcharge will apply ONLY for shipment over 5 tons/HBL.

For ALL shipment over 5 TONS per HBL the shipment will be billed at a W/M ratio of 1TON:

1.6 CBM and you will be billed on whichever the greater revenue.

For example, if you load a HBL containing 12 metric ton / 14cbm, accordingly you will be

debited based on 12T x 1.6cbm = 19.2 RT. Density surcharges are applicable for base port

freight and for any Inland location where subject to weight ratio and if the rates been lump

together, surcharges shall not be applied as well.


Rest Of the World:

A high-density surcharge will apply for all shipments of 5000 KGS or greater when the

volume is less than a 1:1 ratio. For these shipments we will charge at a W/M ratio of 1000 KGS

= 1.6M3. For example, a 7000 KGS / 6.5M3 shipment will be rated as 7 X 1.6 = 11.2 Rev Ton.


Keeping You Informed!

BR Logistics Team

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