HAMBURG SUD - Increase in Fiji THC New Zealand to Fiji


Dear Customer & Partner

On the 11th August the Fiji Ports Corporation Limited and the Fiji Ports Terminal Limited
announced increases to various port related charges, these increases included but were not
limited to Stevedoring, Wharfage and Reefer Power and monitoring.

Since the announcement we have undertaken an in-depth review of the cost increases and
their affect on our operating costs. As a result of the review it has become necessary to
increase our terminal handling charges for both import and export cargo in Fiji to the following

20’ FJD 450 (Dry and Reefer)
40’ FJD 725 (Dry and Reefer)

The increase charges will be effective from 20th November and will apply from the
Balao V 941 ETD Auckland 10 December 2015.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact your Customer Solutions Representative.

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