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Please see below update received from Ports of Auckland on Sunday, 2nd September 2018.


Good afternoon

On this ‘wintery’ Father’s Day I wanted to give you all an update on how Fergusson Terminal operations and shipping has progressed thus far over the weekend. 

Friday evening didn’t start well with one of our contractors damaging an 11KV electric cable that affected the supply of power to the Terminal late on Friday. Our Infrastructure team were able to restore power to the cranes reasonably quickly however we lost a few hoursof ship side operations, though we were able to service a number of trucks and complete yard moves with straddles. 

Saturday morning started with fog. The Terminal was closed from approximately 0530 to 0930 hours as a consequence which again resulted in lost operating time and staff hours. 

Vessel schedules have inevitably slipped. We are keeping our website updated as timings change. 

Currently Spirit of Auckland (OC1/Trident Northbound) and Cap Coral (JKN/ANZL) are on the berth. We are working to complete the Spirit of Auckland and then start Cap Coral later today. Trucks are flowing through which is good and we are grateful to the industry for accommodating Sunday deliveries as the yard is heavily congested because of largeimport discharges and a backlog from last week. 

Crane deployment today will be limited as we need to roster staff off to ensure they have adequate rest time between shifts. 

We expect Cap Coral to complete operations early AM Tuesday 4th September and OOCL Kuala Lumpur to commence work early AM Monday 3rd September for completion early hours Wednesday 5th September. 

On Monday, 3rd September we will limit ship side operations to boost capacity on the road, to help move as many imports off the terminal and create adequate capacity for the OOCL Kuala Lumpur and subsequent vessels. 

Berth windows will remain suspended until further notice. 

Trucking companies are asked to continue liaising direct through Drivers Assist for VBS slots with priorities remaining for landed and cleared imports, especially hazardous, active reefers and exports for specific vessels, so we are only receiving for ships that are next in line. 

A reminder that there will be an operational staff briefing at 0700 Monday 3rd September which will mean a reduction in operations for 30-60 minutes, but this is a necessity given the impacts of last week, yard congestion and the ongoing infrastructure works which means we need to ensure absolute focus on safety and well-being for all. 

Unfortunately at this time, our colleague who was involved in the accident last week remains in a stable but critical condition in hospital and our thoughts and best wishes remain with his family. 

We are still providing support to all of our staff returning to work each shift. Confidence and support of one another is building and we are hopeful that our recovery journey continues to gain momentum. 

This next week will continue to be one of business continuity and recovery. Unfortunately not all vessels will be able to be managed to schedule and we will need to keep the focus on micro managing the yard, truck and rail volumes in/out of the port carefully. 

Please be assured we are doing our very best and will provide daily updates as the week progresses. 

We hope that the remainder of your weekend is a safe and happy one. 

As always, thank you for your ongoing patience and support. 

Kind regards,


Craig Sain

General manager Commercial Relationships


Keeping you informed!

BR International 


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