27 March 2020 : Industry Update : Transitional Facilities – Safe Practices for Transitional Facilities


Dear all

This week, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) set up a register for safe practice in the primary sector as New Zealand is now on National Alert Level 4 in response to COVID-19. MPI requires safety assurances from operators deemed ‘essential services’ that their processes protect workers and the public by limiting interactions between staff and reducing the potential spread of COVID-19.

As an essential service, Biosecurity NZ will continue to provide biosecurity services for all goods, vessels and aircraft arriving into the country.

We are writing to inform you that as a Transitional Facility, you ARE also deemed an essential service if required to manage the throughput of cargo. You will NOT need to register your business in order to continue operating over the next four weeks.

Although Transitional Facilities are not required to register, you will still need to be able to demonstrate that you are operating safely. Without these assurances, businesses will not be able to operate so we urge your action now.

Biosecurity NZ will require you to demonstrate safe practices by:

Providing assurances that you are following government guidelines for maintaining social distancing between staff, which will protect workers and the public by limiting interactions and reducing the potential spread of COVID-19.

Show additional measures such as providing appropriate PPE and following extra hygiene standards, to protect their staff as best they can against COVID-19 in the workplace.

Please be aware that the level of activity in some areas may be reduced or prioritised over the next four weeks - for example, border clearance and diagnostic work will be prioritised towards food supply and production and other essential goods.

Production Chain requirements

A reminder that production chains should achieve separation between staff and adopt mitigation measures, such as protective gear, where necessary.

Operator/Accredited Person Expiring

We are aware that Accredited Person and Operator training courses have ceased so MPI will not suspend any facility if your TF Operator or Accredited Person training expires while New Zealand is on alert. Please email FacilityApprovals@mpi.govt.nz if your facility is suspended and they can rectify this.

Container Movements

If your facility is suspending operations and you cannot receive a container, you will need to liaise with your Freight Forwarder to manage or find an alternative approved facility that is remaining open. MPI is not able to provide guidance on this.

For help

Primary sector businesses may contact MPI at 0800 00 83 33 or info@mpi.govt.nz for further details.


Keeping You Informed!

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