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More than one in three containers worldwide are being rolled over, amid an unprecedented supply chain challenge hitting the liner community. That’s at least 37% of containers.

Long Beach Port is heavily congested with 30 ships (-2 from prev. week) at anchor awaiting berths in LAX/LGB as of Friday Jan 22nd.

Maersk has confirmed another case of bad weather in the Pacific has knocked hundreds of boxes from one of its ships. The 13,100 TEU Maersk Essen was midway through the Pacific bound for Los Angeles when it lost up to 750 containers on January 16.

Some factories in China will close early and delay shipping until after the Chinese New Year holiday.

Shipping companies are refusing to collect empty containers or exports after dropping off goods in the UK because they do not want to miss slots at other ports such as Rotterdam, Antwerp or Hamburg.

Space from China its full and tight until mid February at least.

Rates and congestions aren’t expected to get better any time soon - we should have to deal with these issues going into Q2.

Current space status in China from week 3 - 5:



All carriers are facing container shortages with space has been overbooked until mid February. Too many blank sailings caused space for PNW gateway to be an issue now. Ideally, send your bookings at least 4 weeks in advance to make sure you get space.



Equipment and container shortage. Space has been booked until the Chinese New Year.



Equipment and container shortage. Space has been booked until the Chinese New Year, especially for PNW due to many blank sailings. Some carriers have stopped accepting new bookings.



Equipment situation is getting worse. Expect shortage on all container sizes. Some carriers are starting to limit the gross weight. Space has been booked until the Chinese New Year.



Equipment and container shortage. Space has been booked until the beginning of February.



Equipment and container shortage. Space to PSW/PNW/USEC/GULF is fully booked until week 6. Factories closed in HEBEI province due to the increase in Covid-19 cases, therefore cargo can’t be delivered.



Shortage of 40GP&HQ. Space has been booked until the Chinese New Year.



Space has been booked until the end of January. February’s vessel schedule is still pending.



Shortage of containers. Space has been fully booked until early February. Paying premium rate will not guarantee space.



CMA/YML/ZIM are having container shortages. Space has been booked until the Chinese New Year.

There will be a disruption in the logistics of several ports in China due to the suspension of feeder services in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) from January 20 to February 21.

An analysis revealed that the affected region includes the ports of Zhongshan, Xiaolan, Zhuhai, Jiangmen, Shunde, Rongqi, Sanshan, Beijiao, Foshan, Jiujiang, Sanshui, Gaoming, Huangpu, Qingyuan, Nanhai, Yunfu, Zhaoqing, Sanrong, Gaoyao, Zhanjiang, and Wenzhou.

The reason for the rupture is the fact that most services operate international connections (via or to Hong Kong), and their crews, who have been on board for more than 9 or 10 months, need to carry out at least one 14-day quarantine before returning home to celebrate the Chinese New Year with their families.

For Hamburg Depots empty pick for 40’GP spot bookings is suspended until 14 February 2021.


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