Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs - Update


This is a notification of the elevated MPI intervention due to the increased numbers of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs ( BMSB) found in break bulk and containerised cargo from USA. MPI has now also added the Port of Genoa , Italy to the list and it is expected to grow.

With immediate effect MPI will issue a BACC for all targeted containers. With regards to our FAK/Groupage containers, inspections will be carrier out by MPI at the designated devanning station. 

Any charges associated with the inspection of the FAK will be billed on at cost to all customers with cargo in the container, on a per cbm/tonne basis.

To all our customers importing FCLs from USA and Italy, kindly note that these containers will require the ATF personnel to coordinate with MPI for an inspector to be present when the container is unpacked. Failure to comply could jeopardise your ATF status.

"As you will most likely be aware MPI is making all efforts to mitigate the risk of BMSB by targeting containers from high risk ports ex USA, and ports of Italy: La Spezia and Genoa.

Very recent intelligence has prompted us to place an alert on 100% containers originating from Italy.

This is effectively immediately.  Please inform the relevant people in your organisation/company of this information.


  • The charges by MPI for the supervised devan are as per the 1% Audits.  No charge unless non compliances are intercepted.
  • Inspection regime: MPI inspectors will use discretion on site, and will most likely supervise a full devan following a similar inspection regime as the 1%, however the inspectors are using discretion when applicable.

Your BACC direction for these containers will have the following wording:

Targeted inspection required for FCLs and FAK’s [port] example Italy that are high risk for BMSB. Container(s) to be unpacked under direct supervision of an MPI Inspector by an AP.  Container is not to be opened until the MPI Border Clearance Inspector is present.  To arrange inspection call your local MPI office.

Thank you for your vigilance and understanding , this pest is highly unwanted in NZ


Should you need any further clarification, please feel free to contact us.


Keeping you updated


Michael Tisch


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